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Everyday Things That Can Do a Number on Your Car’s Paint

Your car’s paint is susceptible to damage from a variety of sources. Here are five everyday things that can ruin your paint job so that you can avoid them.

Everyday Things That Can Do a Number on Your Car’s Paint

1 – Pop and Coffee

The first things to watch out for are pop and coffee. If they’re spilled on your car’s paint, they can definitely do some damage. Pop, even if it’s in a plastic bottle, can be acidic and can eat through the clear coat of your car’s paint. Coffee, whether in a cup or in a thermos, can leave a ring of staining and damage your car’s paint once it dries.

2 – Bird Droppings

Bird droppings aren’t just unsightly. They’re also corrosive, so they can create rust on your car’s paint if you don’t wash them off right away.

3 – Pet Urine

Pet urine can cause some serious damage to your car’s paint. It’s acidic, so it can eat through the paint and the clear coat under it. It’s also sticky, so it can leave a stain on your car’s paint that may be hard to remove.

4 – Tree Sap

Tree sap is very sticky, so it can cling to your car’s paint and cause staining. It’s also corrosive, so it can damage your car’s paint if it stays on it too long.

5 – Salt

Salt is corrosive, and it can leave white stains on your car’s paint if it’s left there too long. If you do end up with a white stain on your car’s paint, you can try using a decal remover product to get rid of it.

6 – Splattered Bugs

If you’re driving around with the windows down, bugs might splatter on your car’s paint. The good news is that bug splatter is easy to wash off. The bad news is that it’s still tough on your car’s paint.

7 – Grease

Grease, whether it’s in food or automotive, is tough to get off of your car’s paint. You’ll want to clean it up as soon as possible, so it doesn’t have time to fall into the paint and cause damage.

8 – Sunlight

The sun can damage your car’s paint, so you’ll want to park your car in a shady spot if you have to leave it out in the sun for a long period of time.

9 – Wax

Wax often comes off, but it still leaves behind a residue that can damage your car’s paint. If you use wax, try using a high-quality wax and buffing it off when it’s dry.

10 – Brake Fluid

Brake fluid and other types of solvents can damage your car’s paint. If you wash your car and a red stain remains, you may have accidentally gotten some brake fluid on your car’s paint.

11 – Rainwater

Rainwater can cause spots to form on your car’s paint when it dries. You’ll want to wash it off as soon as possible to prevent damage to your car’s paint.


There are many everyday things that can damage your car’s paint. In order to keep it looking good, you’ll want to be aware of the daily things that can cause damage. To learn more about paint care and the impact of everyday things, contact a car paint shop near you.

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