Car Paint

How Car Paint Can Affect Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

At some point in your life, you may consider selling your car after years of ownership. Accident history, vehicle brand, and model are a few crucial factors in determining your vehicle’s resale value. But surprisingly, paint colour and quality also play a critical role in identifying resale value. It’s an often-overlooked aspect that you must consider when you’re trying to put your auto on the market.

Standard colours depreciate a car’s value, while lesser popular colours add more value. You may also see a lower value if your car has dings and scratches. And that’s where auto paint corrections come in. It’s repairing or improving your vehicle’s paint job, such as polishing, waxing, and repainting. 

Here are some ways auto paint restoration can benefit your car’s resale value.

1. Increases Your Vehicle’s Appeal

If you’re looking to get the most money from your sale, your car must look and perform in a way that calls for higher prices. People mostly want cars looking good as new on the surface, even if the previous owners used them for some years. Fortunately, a paint correction can help retain your vehicle’s value while bagging extra money in your pocket. 

A paint correction also helps if you want to trade your car into a dealership. Dealerships are particular in scrutinizing your vehicle’s condition. You won’t get a high trade-in value if it functions well, but it looks like it’s been through several wars.

2. Restores Your Vehicle’s Glory Days 

You may have a great car, but you can make it more extraordinary with a fresh coat of paint. Driving should be an enjoyable experience. Do you still remember how your brand-new car glistened in the sun and looked like a million bucks? Feels good, right? When you give your vehicle a quality paint correction, you elevate the level of enjoyment you have with it as you got it yesterday. When it looks brand new, people are more likely to pay more for it.

3. Removes Scratches And Swirls 

Apart from increasing resale value and restoring it to its glory days, applying a paint correction to your car also helps eliminate swirls and scratches. While “character” marks are inevitable due to the normal wear and tear, leaving them unattended can only add fuel to the small fires. Fortunately, an ultra-high gloss finish from a correction eliminates character marks while restoring your car to its pristine appearance.

4. Improves Durability 

People would also want to buy a car that can withstand the elements, even after using it for several years. Lastly, adding a new coat can protect your car from the elements. Aside from the usual wind, rain, and snow, high-quality auto paint can protect your vehicle from scratches and damage.

Driving In Style 

People resell their pre-loved cars because they want to upgrade to a newer model or make a profit. Vehicles with different scratches and swirls will see lower values, while regularly-maintained cars can sell for a higher price. Auto paint restoration increases your vehicle’s resale value and protects it from the elements.

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